Team 100 d.o.o. was established at the request of several well-known brand manufacturers in its category, with the aim of establishing supply logistics for the territories or former Yugoslav states.

As such, Team 100 serves as a representative for Aroma King, a company primarily known for its production of disposable electronic cigarettes in the European Union market.

When selecting the brands we represent, we considered not only price and quality but also the rigorous registration processes within the European Union that categorize Aroma King as a serious player in the market. This includes EUCEG registrations, UFI codes, SDS documentation, and other registrations that may not be significant for us in Serbia at this time but serve as a guarantee of product quality.

Currently, we supply products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia.

This category is experiencing remarkable growth and popularity, so we believe it’s one of the last opportunities to catch up and, in some way, push back against competitors who offer lower quality products but are becoming increasingly numerous.

Every domestically produced product we offer has undergone sanitary inspections, which have confirmed that they fully comply with Serbian regulations regarding labeling and laboratory testing. We possess certificates from the sanitary inspection authorities confirming this.

Team 100 d.o.o. is the exclusive representative of the Snatch and DOPE brands, which produce nicotine pouches. The factory is located in the Czech Republic, meaning that it is also a European product with all the necessary registrations within the European Union. This product is smokeless and serves as an alternative to smoking. It contains nicotine but does not contain tobacco. This category is gaining popularity worldwide; however, due to the current ban by the Ministry of Health of Serbia, we can only serve customers outside of Serbia in countries where this category is freely available for sale.